The Addictions Institute is founded on the established research and treatment theories of Dr. Stephanie Brown, Director. The Institute integrates family systems and developmental perspectives to understand childhood and adult difficulties related to addiction and recovery.

Addictions may be subtle and hidden, blatant or ravaging. They may be masked by anxiety, depression, physical complaints, behavioral difficulties, child rearing problems or feelings of helplessness and isolation. Active addiction has severe consequences for the individual and the family. Recovery involves adjustment and change. Professional help may be useful at all stages for everyone concerned.

Mary Kennedy, LCSW, is now directing an expansion of the Addictions Institute in San Francisco.

The Addictions Institute is an outpatient clinic offering comprehensive treatment for all addiction problems. We see people concerned about active addiction — their own or someone else’s — and all those in the process of recovery.

Specialized services include:

  • individual, couples, family & group therapies for any aspect of addiction:
    • adult children of alcoholics
    • unhealthy codependence
    • addiction recovery
  • individualized assessment
  • diagnosis
  • treatment planning

All therapists are licensed mental health practitioners with specialty training and experience in treating addictions of all kinds.

Addictions Institute Therapists – Menlo Park / Peninsula 

Addictions Institute Therapists –San Francisco & North Bay

The Addictions Institute offers specialized training and consultation services including:

  • ongoing clinical consultation groups
    • addiction, ACA, trauma, recovery
    • couples & family
    • stages of addiction recovery
  • clinical consultation to businesses, community agencies, professionals & trainees of all disciplines
  • program development including:
    • integration of mental health and addiction treatment
    • short-term and long-term addiction services
    • treatment planning for addiction recovery
    • organizational development